The introduction of virtual tours has taken off in a big way. This is no surprise, since major international lockdowns have been interrupting our lives since last year, more and more of us have taken to online spaces. 

But just because lockdown in the UK is easing, it doesn’t mean virtual tours are going away anytime soon. 

Every industry, from real estate to healthcare, can benefit from virtual reality. Here are the top 5 industries, benefitting from virtual tours now and why: 

Real Estate

Not only can prospective buyers now view homes 24/7, 365 days a year, they can take exact measurements of rooms, without needing to find a tape measure. Virtual tours, does all the hard work for you – buyers can see everything they need at the click of a button. 


For many of us a trip to the dentist or doctors, fills us with dread. But virtual tours are taking some of that anxiety away, by familiarising patients with the layout and the medical equipment inside. Patients can interact with drop pins and find out exactly what certain equipment is used for and explain away fears. 


Since lockdown, businesses are finding they have more of their workforce at home than ever. But now they can have virtual conferences, in a 3D scan of their meeting room. They can show prospective clients, their board rooms for hire. They can even give new employees a full virtual tour of their new office, to familiarise themselves before starting. 


We can now view priceless artworks in Paris, New York or London, from the comfort of our own front room. Many art galleries are now introducing virtual tours, to bring customers through the virtual door.  Here’s an example of what the National Gallery in London is offering.


Imagine, you’re a bride or groom planning your post-lockdown wedding. Rather than view every prospective venue in person, you can view 10 in one day. Again, exact measurements of the venue can be taken, to plan the event and the guest capacity. Guests now have interactive access to hotels and any special features they may to offer.  


Now you’ve seen just a few of the ways virtual tours can help us all, get in touchWe’d be happy to have a free consultation, to discuss exactly what we can do for you and your business.