Going to the doctors can be a stressful time and healthcare professionals are always looking into ways that stress can be alleviated. 

This is where virtual tours and VR comes in! 

Patients can now ‘visit’ a practice online, before going in person. This allows patients to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and technical equipment.

Long-term patients can also view their room and living spaces in potential hospices, to see if they would be suitable for their stay and meet specific requirements. This is also beneficial for their families as they will want to feel reassured that their loved will be taken care of and safe.

Touch points within the tour can provide information on different types of equipment, or explain the procedure a patient might be undertaking. By providing information and removing some of the unknown, a visit to the doctors can become a lot less stressful.

One of the most interesting developments, is that VR is now being used to explore tumours and inside the body. It gives patients and their family members the power to research in an informative, interactive way. 

The possibilities for this tech are endless!