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Art Galleries and Museums

We can now view priceless artworks in Paris, New York or London, from the comfort of our own front room.

In a world where travel is currently limited, art galleries and museums are introducing virtual tours, to bring customers through the virtual door.

Meaning that you can visit any art gallery or museum around the world, without ever needing your passport.

Here’s an example of both an art gallery and a museum virtual tour.

What are the benefits?

Want to show an art gallery or museum to guests around the world?

Then check out how virtual tours are benefitting both art galleries and museums here:

  • Brings in More Visitors – museums have found that digitalization increases traffic to their site which in turn brings more visitors to the museums themselves.
  • Education and Entertainment – students from all age groups learn more quickly and in turn retain more information by living through an experience other than just reading about it in a textbook. Therefore this is not only a great way to attract, educate and entertain the youth, but also provide a form of entertainment to older and more mature art lovers who might want to view an exhibit that is perhaps in another country.
  • Less Time Consuming – one of the biggest benefits of virtual art galleries and museums is the fact that your location does not stop you. Museums and Galleries around the world offer virtual tours, shows and exhibitions that allow everyone to immerse themselves in the art regardless of location and geographical boundaries. This is even more so now in time where travel is limited due to the pandemic.
  • Visual Information – by including tags on certain artworks or exhibits you are able to include more information that potential guests will be able to view as they tour the gallery or museum.
  • No Queues –  a virtual tour side-steps many other areas of art or museum exhibitions which guests wish they could avoid. You are also able to skip the queues to the ticket office and in terms of the Louvre in Paris you no longer have to spend countless hours to spend a couple minutes looking at the Mona Lisa.

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