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  • 16 Jun,2021

    How can Virtual Tours help your company?

    Whether you’re a real estate agent or own your hair salon, virtual tours can do so much more for your business.  From allowing people to a few a prospective new…

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  • 10 Jun,2021

    Technical Advance Helping the Healthcare Industry

    Going to the doctors can be a stressful time and healthcare professionals are always looking into ways that stress can be alleviated.  This is where virtual tours and VR comes…

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  • 01 Jun,2021

    How Virtual Tours are Changing Every Industry

    The introduction of virtual tours has taken off in a big way. This is no surprise, since major international lockdowns have been interrupting our lives since last year, more and more of…

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  • 22 Apr,2020

    Solving problems like lockdown and more with walk through tours

    Walk through tours are becoming a valuable tool for: real estate agents, museums, businesses, and other people who want to show off their property. They are an innovative way for…

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  • 20 Mar,2020

    Matterport scans and the creation of 3D virtual tours

    Matterport is a piece of state of the art technology that makes it possible to produce 3D scans of various properties. Within the building industry, the scans can be incredibly…

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  • 22 Feb,2020

    Scan of Tropical Delights Restaurant

    Recently we were asked to carry out a 3D scan on a former West African restaurant located in Birmingham called Tropical Delights (now called PAVO), which had been bought with…

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