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With a Matterport 3D scan, we are able to capture construction conditions for documentation on a single file and share that information as needed, as opposed to managing 30,000+ individual photographs.

A virtual tour means construction sites are accessible to every person working on the project, from the planners to the interior designers.

It allows everyone to see what needs to be done and how much physical space there will be on-site.

Take a look at this example of a construction site.

What are the Benefits for your Company?

Are you wanting to utilise virtual tours on your construction site, but don’t know how they can help you?

Then check out these benefits, that can help to make your construction company greater:




  • Visual Information – by including tags on certain elements within the tour, you can inform people of health and safety risks that could occur, before they even set foot on the site.
  • Reduces On-Site Visits – often it’s not just the main construction workers who need to be present on a construction site. Managers and supervisors must also keep an eye on the project at all times. A virtual tour limits the need for onsite visits, from busy management, who may also be needed elsewhere.
  • Planning – a virtual tour of a proposed planning site, is an excellent way of providing a site appraisal to examine the strengths and constraints of any development opportunity, before moving further on the project.
  • Links of the Construction – projects can be shared with a contractor and subcontractor through a website, email, Facebook and social media, meaning that if a person is travelling or out of office, they can still see the construction site from wherever they are.
  • More Cost-Effective – a virtual tour gives a construction worker or manager an overall view, of exactly what needs to be done. This then allows a cut down on the cost spent on unnecessary supplies. In turn, waste is reduced and profits are increased, as fewer materials are ordered, due to the exact quantity being determined ahead of time.

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