Not only can prospective buyers now view homes 24/7, 365 days a year, but they can also take exact measurements of rooms, without needing to find a tape measure.

Virtual tours do all the hard work for you. Buyers can see everything they need at the click of a button, allowing you to have more showings with clients, everyday. Also agents can save up to 90% of the time they would usually spend on in-person viewings, by using virtual tours.

Here’s an some examples of a virtual tour for estate agents.

What are the Benefits?

Wanting to take the step and use virtual tours to sell your properties, but don’t know how they will help you?

Then check out how virtual tours are benefitting estate agents here:

Less Time Consuming

If a property is far away from where a client currently resides, it could take more time out of their day to drive to the location of their potential new home. However, with a virtual tour, this is no longer the case and potential clients will now be able to view a property from anywhere in the world.

Greater Reach

Reach more people up and down the country with just one simple link. Embed the tour into your website and share it on social media, to boost your client engagement.

Easier to Grab Attention

With a virtual tour you can grab attention from prospective clients, who might not want to go through the traditional ways of looking for a house, that most estate agents still offer.

Creating Focus on Key Areas

Is there a certain feature that makes your property stand out from the rest? Maybe it’s the garden, with its mix of patio and lawn, or the master bedroom and its luxury ensuite. With a virtual tour, this can be highlighted through an informational touchpoint. Add notes and comments throughout the tour, to draw attention to key features.

Interactive Features

The interactive features of the tour, mean prospective buyers can measure the interior of the property and any objects inside, without having to visit in person. It might be that the property has historical significance, if that’s the case you can make it known by using tags and hyperlinks within the tour, which allow people to find out more information.