Virtual tours are allowing patients to familiarise themselves with the layout and the medical equipment inside.

Patients can interact with drop pins and find out exactly what certain equipment is used for and explain away fears.

Not only will it put the patient at ease but in terms of a parent it will help calm their nerves if it is a child needing access to the equipment and building.

What are the Benefits?

Want to show a potential patient around a GP surgery or a couple who are soon to be parents around a maternity ward?

Then check out how virtual tours are benefitting healthcare here:

Gain a Sense of Comfort

It is not a secret that some people are anxious about going to see their GP or even just visiting a hospital. However, with a virtual tour of your facility it can give future visitors and patients a sense of comfort when they might need it most.

Potential Long-Term Patients Can View Private Rooms

With a virtual tour of long-term patient rooms or maternity wards, not only will it give potential patients a sense of security and reassurance, but also a basic knowledge of what they can expect when they stay at the hospital.

New Staff Members

It will also allow new members of staff or visiting staff for example students who are on a placement, to become familiar with the facilities much easier than having to physically visit the location first and end up becoming lost if the building is bigger than they are used too.

Visual Information

By including information within the virtual tour potential patients will be able to find out what each room is used for and if there is a canteen in the hospital you are able to provide them with food and drink prices as well.

See What is Offered

Normally, potential patients can’t just go in and visit operating rooms or special facilities due to safety reasons or because they are in use at use at the time. However, with a virtual tour hospitals are now able to show operating rooms, imaging and diagnostic services, medical machinery.