Imagine, you’re a bride or groom planning your post-lockdown wedding or looking for a weekend getaway. Rather than view every prospective venue or room in person, you can view 10 in one day, virtually.

Exact measurements of the venue can be taken to plan events and guest capacity at venues and hotels. Guests now have interactive access to hotels and any special features they may have to offer.

Here’s two examples of a virtual tour for a hotel, that allows potential guests to explore every inch of the luxury suite.

What are the Benefits?

Wanting to take the step and use virtual tours to advertise your hotel, but don’t know how they can help you?

Check out the top benefits that a virtual tour can offer your venue:

Ensures Transparency

By allowing potential guests to check out every part of the room and the hotel facilities you are ensuring transparency. Guests know the level of quality they will be receiving during their stay.

Build Trust in the Hotel Brand

By having guests build their trust in the hotel, it will make them want to keep coming back, even more so if the hotel is part of a chain around the world.

Leaves a Long-Lasting Impression

Leaving a lasting impression means that if a couple is looking for their potential wedding reception venue, then once they’ve seen your hotel, they won’t be able to stop thinking about it. This ensures guests will continue to stay at your hotel over hotels, without a virtual tour.

Visual Information

Having visual information embedded into the tour, will allow guests to find out more information on key selling points and make sure the hotel is the right stay for them.

For example, having a price list attached to a tag on the room service will allow guests to make sure that the hotel fits their budget. Also, this is a great way to give potential guests some facts about the hotel, from famous guests to historical references.

Less Time Consuming

If the hotel is located in an area far from the potential guest, it could take more time out of their day to drive to the location. However, with a virtual tour, this is no longer the case. Potential clients will now be able to view a hotel venue from anywhere in the world.