Since lockdown, businesses are finding they have more of their workforce at home than ever.

However, now they can have virtual conferences in a 3D scan of their meeting room.


They can show prospective clients, their board rooms for hire.

They can even give new employees a full virtual tour of their new office, to familiarise themselves before starting.

Below is an example of both an Office Space and a Conference Room.

What are the Benefits?

Want to show an office space of to a potential business or a conference room?

Then check out how virtual tours are benefitting both office spaces and conference rooms

Let’s Potential Clients Understand the Space

There is no better way to showcase an office space than a virtual tour as it gives potential clients exactly what they want – to be able to look round the space and fully understand the size and what direction windows face in if the light form outside will have an affect on a piece of work.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Even though virtual tours for office spaces are quickly growing most lettings in the UK still do not have virtual tours. Therefore it is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, as virtual tours establish increased client confidence and increase trust between potential clients and companies letting the office space.

Less Time Consuming

Potential clients will not have the time to have an in-person tour for their new office space or a conference room. It is therefore important to make things as easy as possible for them. By having a virtual tour it will allow potential clients to move and look around an office space or conference room as if they were there.

Visual Information

Tags can be placed around an office space or conference room in the virtual tour allowing potential customers to further gain an understanding of a space. For example if food and drink can be offered then a price list can be inserted into the tour.

Increase Hot Leads

A virtual tour will not only increase leads , but these leads are increasingly likely to be hot leads. This is due to the fact that potential clients will have looked around the space virtually beforehand and will have a sense as to whether the space is right for them.